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Sep 27, 2012 11:00am PDT
international. when dulles was first constructed way in the suburbs of reston, virginia, people thought, "that's crazy, who's going to go there?" i think it's really just a matter of time. narrator: as shanghai expands and attracts international visitors, it retraces its past, again becoming the gateway between east and west. it's from here that foreign business will access the great chinese market, clustered around their main artery. ( man speaking mandarin ) translator: i believe the chang jiang's waterways can be opened up to even more shipping in the future. shanghai is the "head of the dragon." it will serve to promote reform in the inland parts of china and those areas along the chang jiang river valley, opening them up to the outside world. shanghai's growth and expansion is a srce of great pride and excitement for china. it sort of says "we can do it." okay, we havchinese that are smart enough, that are clever enough, that are competitive enough that we can become the dragon's head that leads us. narrator: so shanghai builds on its historical geography as a strategic nat
Sep 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
couldn't afford it. when i was going to virginia at the beginning of february to be with my daughter, it came up that i needed to get my medicine and it wasn't time yet with the insurance. so, i said, "well, but i'm going to be out of town when time comes, and i need my prozac, you know. gotta have it." and they said, "well, they won't authorize it, so you'll have to pay regular price," which was $400 for a one month supply. and at that point, i felt like, if i can't get my medicine, if i can't make enough money to buy it, i don't want to live. andrew leuchter: we have 20 different anti-depressants on the market that differ in their particular chemical profile, and we want to choose which medication is most likely to help that individual as well. so, it's a matter of getting the patient to stick with the treatment, encouraging them to work through any side effects they might have from medication, getting them to stick with treatment long enough for the anti-depressant effects to kick in. now have you noticed your mood change in the last couple of weeks? yes. i tend to question my feeling
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2